Ccps Wifi Agreement

The Department of Technology and Research is responsible for: CCPS Portal is your first step in supporting the student laptop. Start now → If damage fails (lost) or other damage occurs, students and their parents or guardians accept all costs described in the repair list. The royalties are intended to promote good habits and responsible use of equipment issued by the CCPS. In search of the recording! Please choose from one of the following application procedures for student registration: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process by which children and adults acquire and apply the knowledge, attitudes and abilities necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, empathize with others and show empathy, build and cultivate positive relationships and make responsible decisions. „#if category” „#with category” „#if parent,” > declared devices stolen from school require parents to notify local law enforcement authorities (non-emergency managers) and school administration (including the school resource officer). A police report should be made available to school administrators as soon as possible. No charge is charged for the first incident resulting in accidental damage to the Chromebook, as it is covered by the CCPS warranty. Parents receive a toll-free invoice for these repairs in the form of a notification. It is culpeper County Public Schools policy to provide electronic resources to students and staff for the needs of students, parents and school staff who have questions about banning a particular activity, are encouraged to speak to a building administrator. These rules apply to all school computers, all electronic devices provided by the school wherever they are used, all uses of school servers, and access to the internet and networks, regardless of their access.

Culpeper County Public Schools provides all high school students with a Chromebook to promote learning anytime, anywhere. This device is an important part of your school`s curriculum and will be an important tool for your growth in digital citizenship. You will take the device home as soon as you and your parents/caregivers have read and agreed on the terms on the form available to you (or removed from here). Students will not break down part of the Chromebook, look for repairs to non-CCPS features or try to repair them themselves. Parent/Student is responsible for all additional equipment repair costs according to the list of repair costs listed (2019). Several claims can result in the loss of the right to bring the Chromebook or other restrictions on use at home. The centralized CCPS portal is your first step to creating a CCPS profile and/or accessing your data. Begin Now → NAF solves some of the greatest challenges of education and the economy by bringing together education, business and municipal leaders to transform the high school experience.

CCPCs expect students and staff to use these resources in a manner consistent with this directive. Students authorize the Gmail rights of the school department for sending other students, staff and other contacts. Students comply with all policies set out in the Culpeper County School Board`s student conduct standards, which are made available to each student at the beginning of the year. These include a signed statement on the ACCEPTABLE COMPUTER SYSTEM USE-SCHOOL BOARD POLICY IIBEA-SR1/GAB-SR1 (p.52-54).