Charter Agreement Pdf

The most common use of a charter contract is when a company or organization needs a specific product or cargo to be transported and transported from one destination to another within a specified period of time. This contract allows the charter to transport the cargo safely and securely, as indicated by the customer, while ensuring that all the conditions described and mutually agreed are met at all times. In the absence of an agreement, both parties have no legal evidence that a transaction ever took place between the two companies and can therefore lose if the case is ever brought before the courts. With this agreement, a company can usually charter a ship, a ship or even a small boat. Follow the steps below to draw this contract. A charter contract is a legal document between the two organizations and describes the particularities of the cargo or products that must be chartered from one point to another. It describes the exact dimensions, weight and contents of the cargo and also mentions the amount of funds spent in exchange for the charters to be processed. The charter must meet all the customer`s individual specifications and ensure that the shipment is transported safely and on time. A charter contract is a legal document drawn up between two parties if one of them wishes to charter a means of transport or a service for a fixed period. The first party in the charter contract is known as a customer and the second part is known as a charter company and is by nature a logistics execution company. The benefits of this agreement are described as follows. This Agreement is legally binding within the borders of the state, city or county where it was originally conceived and also follows international maritime law. Date of entry into force: This section of the agreement defines the important data in the context of the contract, for example.

B when the freight is transported, on what dates it is to be delivered and the total duration of the contract of carriage. Interested parties: a charter agreement usually involves two parties; The first is the company that withdraws the charter contract for the transport of its product or freight, and the second is the logistics company that meets the logistics requirements. They are designated as both a customer and a charter company. ………………………………………………………….. . CONSEQUENTLY, the parties „Chartergesellschaft” and „Client” have implemented this capital accumulation plan on the date indicated, 13.11.2011 (MM/TT/YY). This document clearly defines the individual responsibilities of both parties before and after the conclusion of the contract and ensures that both parties are aware of their obligations and responsibilities at all times. This contract is a legal document and can therefore be brought to justice if ever necessary in the future. Address: 22 North Blue Ridge Court, New Orleans LA 70128. .

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