College Tuition Divorce Agreement

Baccalaureate graduates go to college at an increasingly high rate. Unfortunately, for parents and students, the cost of teaching, accommodation and food for universities and colleges has increased over the past decade. Some schools now reach $70,000 a year for these costs. I apologize in advance to our readers who were expecting a joke about the recent academic corruption scandal; As a proud graduate of the University of Southern California (who was not on the crew team), I`m going to limit this discussion to the retail costs published by colleges and universities. Go make a Trojan horse! Q: If my child goes to university, how long do I have to pay for university fees? For parents who make decisions about the cost of university, this new law helps to more definitively answer the question of whether or not your child can be considered emancipated. If your child plans to go to university full-time, the courts will find that your child is not emancipated and is still your addict. You must contribute to your child`s livelihood, whether in the form of family allowances or course sharing, or both. However, under the new legislation, there is no financial assistance required of a parent after their child is 23 years old, whether the child is still in university or not. With respect to university expenses, a Colorado court cannot order a parent to pay both family allowances and education expenses, even if a child is under the age of 19 and even if the child`s accommodation is maintained in the apartment of the parent who receives family allowances until that date.

Parents must also decide whether the language will be „pre-catetorical” or „compulsory”. „Precating” provisions with respect to the university will stipulate that the court cannot enforce them, by contempt or otherwise, and the language expresses an intention of the parents, but the obligation is just a „moral” obligation and not an enforceable contract or court order. Parents with very inconsistent and uncertain sources of income generally prefer „precatorial” language, but in a comparative context, the „mandatory” approach has a higher billing value. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about university spending and family allowances. We are often: does helping children continue during college? No, this is not the case, because child assistance ends at the age of 19 in Colorado. .