Data Center Infrastructure Service Level Agreement

More information about our standard maintenance and service process can be found at SLA ITS and campus. Firewall service. In the event of a hardware failure of a clean and managed 365 firewall, 365 begins to repair services. If the device needs to be replaced, the affected device is delivered within 24 hours (24) hours, as the device must be replaced. Customers must have a „high availability pair” (i.e. pairs of active and redundant or primary and secondary devices) to qualify for ALS assets. No SLA credit is issued for the unit service. If 365 do not meet these requirements, there will be a credit in one (1) service credit plus one (1) additional service credit for each subsequent 24-hour period, until service is restored. Data center SLAs guarantee a certain operating time that indicates the percentage of available time of their systems. For a modern computing centre at the enterprise level, no less than 99.99% of operating time should be considered acceptable, and even this should be considered an absolute minimum base. Each additional „9” offers a significant increase in reliability. „Cloud Service Outage” refers to an instance in which „High Availability” functions (i.e. active and redundant or primary and secondary functions) are unable to successfully restore services between production servers.

A cloud service outage does not include downtime related to virtual machines that, in the event of a server outage in the server`s resource pool, automatically restart on other free-capacity production servers. Divisional Liaisons and ITS Senior Manager confirm this document. This document will then be published along with other service level agreements on the SITE of the ITS services catalog. Service level information is integrated into the service page of the ITS service catalog. In some cases, the services provided a permanent transfer of funds to STIs for their services. In such cases, these funds are taken into account as financial compensation on the monthly settlement and used to reduce the total monthly expense. B.Power Service. For a Colocation license, 365 offers the customer access to electricity on each circuit purchased up to the maximum operating charge of 365 for this circuit. If 365 does not do so, the customer receives a full service credit for the circuit concerned, for each hour or fraction during which power is not available on this circuit.

In addition, the customer has the right to terminate the service concerned without penalty if: a) the sum of interruptions of electricity service over a consecutive period of 7 (7) days exceeds forty-eight (48) hours or (b) the number of service interruptions for which the customer received a credit exceeds three (3) during the period of thirty (30) days immediately before the last interruption.