Department Of State Status Of Forces Agreements

4. The United States Armed Forces may provide a limited number of third-country personnel with limited specialized knowledge in Spain with specialized knowledge that is not readily available, only for the use of the United States armed forces or their contractors, who are subject to the right of the Spanish authorities to determine admission to Spain. A reasoned request to do so is submitted to the permanent body. 1. The United States Government requires that insurance contracts be entered into to cover civil liabilities that may arise on Spanish territory as a result of acts or omissions by united States armed forces workers and subcontractors or members of the civilian component to whom Article VIII of the Agreement on the Status of the Armed Forces does not apply. 2. Where the United States armed forces provide for a prolonged suspension or cessation of IDA activities or a substantial withdrawal of important equipment, the competent Spanish military authorities are informed. The evacuation of an IDA with no plans for future use will give the Spanish government the right to recover it. A written agreement will be reached between the two governments before being allocated to the work, in accordance with the interest of the various parties at work, the contribution of the two governments to their costs and the contribution of the two governments approved by the Standing Committee. These projects are jointly established and approved and the technical staff of the U.S.

Armed Forces are effectively involved in monitoring and receiving the work. 1. In accordance with Article 1, paragraph 2 of this appendix, requests by the United States Armed Forces for additional cable communications facilities or services will be processed through the permanent body, with the exception of minor or routine operations on plates that are related to the object and are covered by complementary agreements or arrangements between the parties concerned. In the absence of agreement between the Spanish Ministry of Defence and the United States Armed Forces within 30 days of the start of consultations, the matter is referred to the Standing Committee in an attempt to reach an agreement satisfactory to both parties. If such an agreement is reached, the redundancies are made, if necessary, in accordance with the provisions of the previous paragraph.