Hdsb Collective Agreement

Many collective agreements set out the conditions under which medical documents can be requested. Your board of directors may also request documents if it has a reasonable basis for questioning the nature of your absence or return. Your local collective agreement also determines whether the board of directors will pay for these documents. ETFO`s collective agreements include a health-cessation plan for teachers, long-term teachers (LTOs), early childhood educators and other ETFO workers. This plan provides for both sick days and short-term disability days. No, an episodic illness on the last day of the school year does not affect your ability to access sick leave in the next school year. You should be entitled to absenteeism as soon as you return to work at the beginning of the school year. This new language of sick leave came into force on January 1, 2017. In October 2016, the arbitrator decided that the health-cessation plan in the 2014-2017 central conventions for teachers, casual teachers and education workers should be revised to address two specific issues: the Central Collective Agreement, which contains the Memorandum of Settlement (MoS), the Memorandum of Settlement (MoA) and the articles. The Central Collective Agreement (Part A) was negotiated by our provincial representatives, OPSBA and the Department of Education. With the transition to central and local collective bargaining, our collective agreement is now in many parts.

The central and local collective agreements together constitute completely new conditions. In addition to these documents, there is now the prorogation agreement and the remediation agreement of Law 115. We are working to put them together to create a document, but it is a moving target. If you have a two-year school illness or recurrent injury or expect a gradual return to work due to illness or injury, contact your Office and Industrial Relations Staff at the Provincial Office immediately to assist. This salary schedule is in effect on September 1, 2014. For most ETFO members, the revised language has no influence on their access to sick leave. On the first day of the school year, most members received their full allowance for sick and stldp days, as well as all unused recharging days from the previous school year. First, members returning from illness or injury in the previous school year after the start of a new school year would be entitled to full sick leave upon return for a new illness or injury, but would have to work 11 days in their full full-time equivalent position to obtain sick leave for a recurrence of the same illness or injury that prevented them from starting the school year.

If you took less than 11 days of illness in the previous school year, the difference between the 11 days of illness assigned and the number of sick days you actually used is your cooking days. Each day of recharging can be used to increase STLDP days from 90% of salary to 100% of salary.