Kennards Hire Agreement

5.9 The customer cannot pass the device on to third parties unless Kennards (at his discretion) first agrees in writing. Such a sublease must be done in writing in a form acceptable to the Kennards and must be expressed in such a way that it is subject to Kennards` rights under this Agreement. The client cannot modify a sublease without Kennards` prior written consent (which can be retained at his sole discretion). 5.7 Kennards and the client undertake not to disclose information that may be requested pursuant to Section 275 (1) of the PPS Act. The client must do whatever is necessary to ensure that paragraph 275 (6) (a) of the PPS Act continues to apply. The purpose of the agreement of this sub-clause is exclusively to grant Kennards the advantage of section 275, paragraph 6, point a), and Kennards is not liable for the payment of damages or any other compensation or injunction in the event of an actual or imminent violation of that sub-clause. (b) whether another party goes bankrupt or is insolvent, executes a private insolvency contract, liquidates, manages, bankrupts or economic activity, subject to any rights you have under the Corporations Act 2001. (k) in the event of non-compensation and/or theft, the amount for which the customer is responsible under this contract. (l) Loading fees, if devices rented with an hourly meter are used for more than 8 hours per day, Kennards may ask the customer to pay the vehicle waiver fee more for vehicle rental, but the customer may decide to opt out of that payment.

Credit customers will apply the Waiver Plus vehicle to all relevant rentals, unless the customer has refused to waive the credit application or has unsubscribed by informing Kennard in writing. After a four-month beta period, Kennard`s new rental site was launched in June 2016. It was the first live rental site available to the Australian and New Zealand rental markets, and the sector has changed its scope. Today, customers can choose a lawnmower or forklift from any device – mobile or office and from any workstation. The rental equipment can then be picked up at a local branch, or even delivered on site – with no papers to fill out. In fact, all the boring things are now a breeze, with online payments, bills, credits and bank statements.