Severance Agreement Oregon

The amendment of the law seems to be a solution in search of a problem, given that settlement and severance agreements are already voluntary and negotiated by employees. Regardless of this, in this context, the new law does not broaden the standard of „demand” and it is not clear how the courts will interpret a „request” that the worker must make as part of the agreement. Our firm is recognized as one of the leading labor law firms in the Portland area. Lawyer Daniel Snyder has been fighting on the workers` side since we opened our doors in 1987. Contact us to arrange an opportunity to discuss your departure agreement. You probably didn`t want to have to hire a lawyer on your severance pay, but your company didn`t give you a choice. Contact us as soon as possible after your resignation. Call 503-821-7898. Since the restrictions on your life can be significant, an employment lawyer should always be consulted in Portland before entering into such an agreement.

While the severance pay offered can be tempting, signing an agreement without legal advice can be very difficult, limit your employment opportunities and infringe on your individual rights. HKM Employment Attorneys` legal team has extensive experience in this area and we can help you negotiate an agreement that suits your interests. If no severance pay has been offered to you, we can help you pursue one and if you think an agreement you have already signed is unfair or contrary to public order, we may be able to help you challenge it. An employer may cancel an existing agreement regarding severance pay or separation with a person entitled to recruit and dismiss if, after conducting an investigation, the employer has found in good faith that the person has violated the employer`s anti-discrimination law or anti-discrimination policy and that the violation has been a key factor in separating the employment relationship. The rules are different when the agreement is concluded with the accused person and not with the alleged victim. In this case, the employer may, if assisted by a bona foil investigation, introduce confidentiality and non-recruitment provisions without an express request or revocation of seven days. Our firm represents individuals and can advise your firm on the best way to manage redundancy packages. As already noted, some separation agreements can severely limit a former employee`s future employment opportunities.

That`s why Oregon courts don`t always pay attention to such provisions — for example, overly restrictive non-compete clauses or overly broad confidentiality agreements — in separation agreements. Having a lawyer who can help you carefully verify an agreement can make a huge difference in the smooth transition of an employment relationship with a former employer. Under the EPA, an employer cannot enter into an agreement with a current or potential employee that includes a confidentiality or non-remuneration provision with respect to discriminatory behaviour in the workplace or sexual assault. . . .